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APLR Concept Brief:

With the Internet permeating every aspect of life, legislation proposals and reviews increasingly has considerable impact on Internet governance.  From copyrights to privacy, to blockchain and the sharing economy, the Internet has facilitated increasingly intense local and global social and economic collaboration that is challenging legislative frameworks which had not anticipated such swift and borderless shifts.

Legislators (and their teams) who are attentive to Internet governance issues realises that it is useful to learn from experiences at other jurisdictions.  Many politicians meanwhile are unfamiliar or behind in their knowledge of the rapidly changing Internet and Internet Governance landscape.  While active debate on relevant topics for legislators are happening regionally and globally, such as at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and the regional and national IGFs, it is often difficult for local legislators to tap into that body of knowledge.

The Asia Pacific Legislators Roundtable on Internet Governance (APLR) aims to be a forum facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing among legislators around the region, and as a bridge between local legislators and the Internet Governance community.

Many local legislation and bills, from copyrights, privacy to child protection and education, involve issues that crosses over into Internet governance and the principles of maintaining an open and interoperable global Internet.  APLR aspires to be a platform allowing participating legislators to share information and experience among peers as well as to gain insights from the Internet and Internet Governance community regionally and globally.

The concept of APLR involves a physical meeting/event along with an online platform to support ongoing information exchange and collaboration:

  • Annual event held in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) as a roundtable among legislators in the region
  • A platform for sharing information about specific local bills and proposed legislations, e.g. a mailing list and online group, etc., between legislators to voice out upcoming bills and to seek relevant information and insights from similar debates at legislatures and parliaments in the region
  • Potential platform to facilitate collaboration among legislators around the Asia Pacific region, such as joint research between legislator teams on specific issues related to Internet Governance relevant to local legislative activities
Convening of the APLR is supported by DotAsia Organisation, a regional not-for-profit organization with a mandate to promote Internet development and adoption, serving as the secretariat, with participating members being legislators around the Asia Pacific region, along with supporting members from private, public as well as civic sectors of the Internet Governance community.